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The SwingSafe can create a safer more enjoyable swinging experience for a child at home or at the playground.

Please note - all SwingSafes are now made out of green all weather material

  • Build confidence

  • Easy to attach

  • All weather material

  • Safer more enjoyable swinging experience

Features & Benefits

All Weather Material!

Stephanie's Journey

Young Mother Invents    SwingSafe™

A Safer Way for Children to Swing

Westford, Massachusetts – Stephanie Slattery is the mother of four small children. Like most kids they love to go to the park and play on the swings. Most of the time, however, the “baby” swing seats at the park were occupied and there wasn’t any kind of back support on the regular swings that were available. Stephanie believed that was too hazardous for her young children. Being creative, she decided to try to make something more secure. Stephanie imagined, created and made a few samples, tested them, and finally came up with a design that worked. When she brought her creation to the park and her children were happily using it, the other mothers began asking her where they could buy what she had made at home. That was the beginning of SwingSafe™, a portable, washable back support that easily attaches to swings and helps young children feel and be more secure on a swingset.


“I am delighted to be sharing my invention with the world. I know parents will love the added safety and support but best of all – their kids will too!”


Stephanie Slattery, inventor and co-founder, SwingSafe Inc.

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